Branding and Commercial Videos

With the explosion of the internet and social media over the last 15 years, videos are no longer the big ticket item with let's send a hundred DVD's out the door. Today, video has become the everyday norm for commercial companies since there are mutiple platforms to distribute your productions. Through You Tube, Vimeo or even your own company website, you can now stream live or upload immediately after your editing is complete. Want to learn more?

Training Videos

If there is one thing that Virgin River Productions does best it's training videos. VRP has countless hours of training videos that are still in use today and we still own and operate both the Coordinated Health Institute and TrainingSmith which specializes in training teachers, PE specialist and after-school personnel in evidence-based programs for kids. We also have years of experience in instructional design and can even host your training videos through one of our online Learning Management Systems. Need to teach someone how to put a square peg in a round hole? Contact Us!

From Script to Screen

Whether it's a sales video, promo, biography or marketing piece, the best place to start is with a script and VRP is there to help. Even if you're just having a half day event it's always a good idea to get some direction down because every video has a beginning, a middle and an end. Writing down your thoughts and what you are trying to accomplish is important and we can help guide you from the first second to the last. What type of graphics will you use? Titles? Talent for the production? These are all important questions to ask and getting it down is the first priority. Pre-production is key to a successful video and we want your production to be the best it can be.

A Life Worth Remembering

Of all of the countless videos VRP has made over the years our favorites have always been and will remain biographies. Creating a video biography is an art form that combines research and journalism to tell the extraordinary story of an individual who probably doesn't think of themselves that way. In fact, they are usually humble and not so self-promoting but through others we discovered how special they really are. Through interviews, pictures, news clippings, film or video, letters and keepsakes, VRP is able to tell their stories and leave a permanent reminder of these very special people. Virgin River Productions will also do family and geneology productions so they can be passed down from generation to generation. The best part is, we love doing them. Want to learn more?

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
Pablo Picasso